A Small Shop with Big Possibilities

Who are we?

Kitty Box Press is a team of artists and artisans who start each work day with a smile knowing we’re doing something a little off the beaten path. We are an inclusive business in which all are welcome, and treated equally with respect.

We are a growing company that works hard to keep a small business atmosphere by supporting it’s workers and community alike. Kitty Box is here to serve artists, bands, and small businesses with no minimum orders. Just as we are here to help provide cost effective, positive print experiences for larger companies, schools and sports teams.

We work hard to make every print that leaves our doors something our customers, as well as every person in the shop can be proud of, as we’ve all had a hand in bringing it to life together!

Meet Ian

Ian Egling, the owner and founder of Kitty Box Press has been screen printing professionally since 2011. With a background in graphic design, traditional photography and darkroom experience he started Kitty Box Press as a basement ‘pet’ project in 2015.

Since then his love of customer service, community, and print have led him to grow Kitty Box Press into a constantly evolving mixture of fine art studio, screen print shop, and small business market place.

“This is the best job I’ve ever had, I love being able to see people so happy with the work we do!”


How do I submit an order?

There are a few different ways to submit an order:

-You may submit your information for a quote by hitting any of the “Quote” buttons you see on the site.

-You may create your order in our design studio for a more accurate quote

– You can also get in touch with us directly via the contact page or by calling (585) 309-1389

What is your turn around time?

After we have received all of your information regarding your atwork, garment types and sizes, we will put together a mock up and invocie for your approval. After your final approval and 50% deposit we ask for 5-10 business days to turn your order around.

What is the minimum order quantity I can place?

We do not insist on minimum orders. It’s our belief that any opportunity to connect with a customer is worth our time 🙂

What happens if I want to print on different color shirts?

No worries! There is no extra cost to print on different color shirts. Extra fees may apply if there need to be ink color changes, or if you’d like to order multiple garment types. Just let us know what you have in mind!

What about samples?

We are happy to provide garment samples upon request, though fees may apply. Likewise, we are happy to provide a press check of your design so you may approve it just before it goes to print.

Can I rush my order? Please?!

We try to get all orders done on or before our turnaround time of 5-10 business days. However, if you need your order printed in a hurry we’re happy to accommodate you though rush fees may apply.

How should I send my artwork?

Preferably, we love Adobe Illustraor (.AI), or Photoshop (.PSD) files. We also except high resolution .JPEG (300 dpi or higher), .PDF or .EPS files.

Please feel free to get in touch with any questions as to the best way to  submit your art if none of these options are available to you.

Can you help me design an image?

Graphic design is one of our specialties! If you are unable to find an image that fits your needs on our “design now” page, we’ll be excited to whip something up from scratch for you.

We ask for a few examples of things that look close to what you’d like from the internet, as well as all the information you’d like included in your design.

Fees will apply to have your artwork created, as well as an extra fee if you’d like to purchase the artwork for you to use exclusively.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out how we can help make your artwork look as unique as you are!

How many colors can I make my design?

There are so many possibilities! At the moment, we can print up to 6 spot colors. But we can use different color systems and layering techniques to accomdate any number of color combinations! Once we have an idea of what your artwork will entail, we can help point you to the best, most comfortable, most cost efficiant options we have available.

How Big should my design be?

We take a number of things into consideration when sizing your your artwork. Like, what range of sizes your shirts are, or the placement of your print. Though it is  helpful if you size your art the way you’d like it to appear, we may need to change resize accordingly, but not without checking with you first. Please let us know your sizing preference.

What if I need you to match a specific ink color?

We’re happy to! Send us as much info as you can including PMS colors, or even samples of work you’ve had done in the past. We’re dedicated to working closely with you to make sure everything is exactly as you’d like it. Even if it means sending you a picture of the colors before they go to print!

What if I want to change the ink colors on different shirts in the same order?

No sweat! We can easily clean out a screen and load it up with a different color ink if you’d like! It does take a little extra time and talent so extra fees do apply.

What is the maximum size I can make my design?

We are able to print as large as 13.5″ wide x 16″ long. Please let us know if you need a larger print size, and we’ll do our best to make it happen!

What can you print on?

Good question! We really don’t like to limit ourselves. We print on everything from shirts and hoodies, to hats and tote bags. Also, we love screen printing fine art posters. Likewise, we’re excited to screen print anything from coffee bags to matchbooks. We’re ready to take on whatever project you have in mind, and if we can’t help, we’re happy to point you to the next best solution.

I'm looking for something recycled and or oganic to print on, can you find it?

Yes! We love working with sustainable, responsible, eco friendly companies and materials. Please let us know when placing your order and will make it happen!

I love a particular brand and I can't find it here, what should I do?

Let us know! We order from a ton of different wholsalers, and we will work hard to find exactly what you’re looking for.

What kind of fun inks do you have? Foil? Glow? What!?

Oh man, we’ve got options! We can print glow in the dark ink, UV reactive inks, metallic inks, glitter inks, heat pressed foil, you name it! If there is something that you don’t see here, please reach out to us, and we can look for what will work best for your order!

I want a water based or discharge print, can you do that?

Yes! Water based ink makes for such a comfy print, but  may not be appropriate for every type of garment. We generally only print water based inks on 100% cotton or paper flatstock. Otherwise results may vary.

What about individual names and numbers on shirts?

You can count on us! We pay special attention to detail when it comes to custom names and numbers on your garments to make sure that each person gets the right number on the right shirt, always!

Do you offer embroidery?

Yes indeedy! We’re happy to embelish your polo, fanny pack, or what ever you’d like with embroidery. Just let us know in your quote form!

How many sides of a shirt can I have printed?

As many as you’d like! Front, back, sleeves, nape of the neck, lower left side. Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll be happy to help!

Do you print inner tagging?

Yup yup! We’d love to put your brand name on the inside of your shirts for that extra touch of professionalism!

Mind if I stop by to pick up my order?

Please do! We’d love to introduce ourselves in person! Feel free to stop by any time we’re open, or by appointment

Can I have my order delivered locally?

You bet! If you’re in the Rochester area we’d love to bring your order right to you!

Do you ship out of state?

Absolutely. We love working locally, but as the world gets smaller, aren’t we all neighbors?

When will my order arrive?

After our 5 – 10 business day turn around, we will immediately ship your order and provide you with a tracking number. Depending on where you’re located shipping times vary, but your order will usually arrive between 1-5 business days.

What if I need my order to go to a couple different adresses?

No problem! Just let us know exactly what needs to go where and we’ll make it happen!

What is your shipping method?

We like to use UPS ground shipping, however, we’re happy to work with you if you have a more preffered method.

I live in a different country, can you ship to me?

Depending on your location, we absolutely can. Let us know more and we can work it out!

What goes into quoting my order?

We tailor each order to your unique specifications. So natrually, there are a number of factors we have to consider when it comes to pricing.

How many items you’d like printed, how many ink colors you’d like us to use, the material you’d like us to print on, and the color of the material you’d like us to use all play a major factors in how your order is priced.

Likewise, special considerations are made if you need help with your artwork, would like to use specialty inks, need us to print on multiple sides, or if we need to take special steps to fulfill your order.

No matter what, we will work hard with you to find the most cost effective way to meet your needs and make your prints look fantastic!

How do I get the most bang for my buck?

Whoa, way to cut to the chase! Haha, good question though!

Think as big as your budget! As with most things, the higher the quantity that you order the more you will save per item. This is because time and material costs are spread out more evenly over the higher number of items.

Use only 1 or 2 ink colors. Although we love printing multicolored designs, the cost per item goes up depending on how many colors you decide to print with.

Order lighter colored print items with darker colored inks. We’re happy to print any colored ink on to any colored item, however there is less time and material cost involved when it comes to printing on to lighter colors.

Make sure your art is either super simple, or formatted correctly to go to print. We will always take time to design, redesign or separate your artwork in order to make it print ready. However, we have to consider the time it takes us to do so.

Also, always feel free to get in touch with any questions about how we can work with your budget. We’ll be happy to help answer at no cost!

When do I pay you?

After your final approval of the mock up and invoice for your order we ask for a fifty percent deposit. After the order is printed and ready to be received, we ask for the final payment on pick up or delivery.

I'm not happy with the final product, what should I do?

We do our best to pay super close attention to detail, and print exactly what is listed on your invoice, however, mistakes sometimes happen. We will work closely with you to come up with a solution that you can be happy with. In the end, we want this to be your most positive screen printing experience no matter what.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We’re happy to accept cash, check, credit, or PayPal either over the phone, via email, or in person. Thanks for asking!

Words from Our Clients

Sean McKay
Founder of Site Hub

Kittybox has been my go-to screen printer for as long as I can remember. That’s because Ian and his team delivers high quality prints, on high quality shirts, minus the sticker shock. You won’t regret working with Kittybox, I guarantee it.

Clay & Matty
Owners of Metalsome Art

Fantastic Work!

Andrea Parros
Owner of Red Fern

Kick Ass! Mad Props!