Create your own pre-sale page!

This is your chance to make your very own online marketplace with us. Upload artwork, pick your shirt, and post the link for your customers to submit their own orders. We’ll print them and ship them. Easily-peezily!

How it Works


You create a design and submit it to us either directly or by using the product designer in the catalog.


You’ll receive an official quote for what your printed items will cost. Then, you can figure out what price to charge your own customers


Together, we create an unbranded page to take pre-orders which you can then place a link to in your own email, website, or favorite social media platform, to promote your items for sale.


Your presale customers pay you via¬† PayPal, Venmo, or credit card while investing in your shirt order. After you’ve received enough presale customers you then place your final order with us, and we work our magic.


When we’re all done printing your order we will deliver your printed items to you so that you can distribute them to your very own customers. Or, for an extra charge we can send them directly to your customers for you!

Who is this for?

This is the perfect tool for start up clothing brands, bands, small businesses, schools or anyone who would like to get an idea of how many people are guaranteed to order your printed items.

Say you have a design, and your friends are like “This design is incredible, I would definitely buy that on a shirt!”. The preorder page tool is our way of helping you take their order, invest in your shirts, and prevent you from having a ton of back stock.

Cool right!?

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